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The IWA organizes Events

… to promote cross-cultural respect and provide friendship and support.

We are also committed to raising funds and providing assistance to help local charitable organizations.

IWA members can connect with other international women around the world through Open Door and network with other local organizations that support our members and the IWA’s aims and objectives.

General Meetings

Coffee Mornings


English Book Clubs

Happy Hour

Lean-in Circle

Our Activities and Events help us...

...Support a Diversity of Women

  • We offer a variety of monthly events and activities to meet the needs of our diverse membership.

  • Events and activities are offered on different days and times of the day, so that there is something for everyone!

  • Our Board members help connect brand-new members with long-time members, who can share their experience and knowledge.

...Network Women with Local Organizations

  • For more than 20 years, the IWA has established firm contacts in and collaborated with numerous local support organizations.

  • The IWA regularly shares useful info (translated into English) from local support organizations with its members.

  • We also organize joint activities with these organizations (as ‘invited events’) throughout the year.

...Achieve Our Club Mission

  • Our activities and events bring English-speaking women, providing an environment that promotes cross-cultural respect.

  • We actively encourage and cultivate an atmosphere of friendship and support among our members.

  • Our Charity events enable women to ‘give back’ to the local community, strengthening their sense of self-worth and ties to their community.