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IWA Fundraiser 2023

The IWA is raising funds for haus franzisca in 2023

The Haus FranzisCa Emergency Shelter is a first point of contact for adult women and their children in need in Graz and is open day and night.


Shelter staff provide these women and their children with immediate help by providing a place for them to sleep, food, clothing, and hygiene articles. Individual support is then given to clarify problems, provide counseling, and – if needed – intensive care and referrals.


For this reason, Haus FranzisCa is a unique institution in Styria. The IWA is proud to have chosen this organization in 2023 and will raise funds at our upcoming Annual English Book Fair on 14 October.


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In 2022, the IWA donated 1,200 EUR to support psychological counselling at verein zebra.

Verein Zebra is an intercultural counselling and therapy centre offering free of charge counselling in the area of labour market integration and intercultural psychotherapy, medical psychiatry, physical therapy and family services. Staff provide essential support in particular for traumatised refugees. 

People who have fled to Austria from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and Ukraine are among those being supported by the centre’s specially trained professional team. The IWA donation was most gratefully received and will go toward the cost of materials needed in therapy sessions with children and young people.

IWA Charity Work

The IWA actively raises funds and provides assistance 

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