The IWA has donated funds to help support various organisations.

Donation 2021:


provides basic education and German courses for women with a  migration background, target group-oriented with topics specific to women and related to everyday life


Donation 2020:


was established in 2005 to provide addition temporary housing for homeless women in Graz.

IWA members and Haus Rosalie







Donations in 2019:


It is a support programme to people in need living in Styria.










Intercultural Centre of Counselling and Therapy.







Previous donations:

Haus Rosalie  – The Haus Rosalie is a women’s shelter that provides temporary housing and support for homeless women. (G)

Die Schwalbe – Die Schwalbe is a non-profit organization that provides housing and employment for women who are temporarily unable to pursue a job due to mental illness or a serious life crisis. (G)

Marienstüberl – The Marienstüberl is a branch of Caritas that provides free breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for the homeless in Graz. (G)

VinziRast – Cortihaus – Vinzirast provides safe shelters and support for individuals struggling with homelessness or alcohol and drug dependency. (G)

ISOP – Innovative Sozialprojekte – ISOP is an intercultural, politically-neutral, independent non-profit organization that supports equal opportunity and human rights through social, educational and cultural projects. (G)

Mafalda – An organization helping girls and young women achieve equality in all aspects of life by offering counseling, career guidance, training, workshops, basic education and access to youth work programs. (G)

Frauengesundheitzentrum – A women’s health center with the goal to empower women and girls in all stages of life to strengthen their health and well-being and which works toward gender specific health services and for a gender specific health care system. (G/E)

Beratungsstelle TARA – The TARA counselling center, founded in 1984, is part of the Styrian Network against Sexual Abuse. It provides free support, counseling and therapy in a safe, confidential environment for women and girls traumatized by sexual violence, as well as their relatives, friends and partners. (G, but brochures in English and multiple other languages)

Mosaik GmbH – …and the Mirabilis Project. Mosaik, based in Graz, provides support, education, and training for people with disabilities. (G)

Lady Lomin – Eve Hönle from Graz, a trained teacher and hand weaver, has established a weaving workshop in South Sudan, offering women there the opportunity to learn a skill, become financially independent and establish a good life for their families. (G)

Kleine Wildtiere in großer Not – The volunteers at this wonderful organization accept wounded and sick wild animals, provide them with food and care, then (where possible) release them back into the wild. (G)

Gustl 58 – Initiative zur Herzensbildung – Based in St. Stefan ob Stainz, Gustl 58 provides support for people facing physical, psychological, economic, or financial difficulties. (G)

Atempo – Atempo is an organization that provides support for people with learning difficulties and disabilities, striving for equal-opportunity in daily life and the workplace. (G)

Hilfe für das herzkrankende Kind – A non-profit organization that provides assistance to children with cardiovascular illnesses and their families. (G)

Rote Nasen – The Rote Nasen Clowndoctors are professional performing artists that make regular rounds to visit sick and suffering people, especially children, in hospitals and social institutions. (G)

SOS Kinderdorf – Since 1949, SOS Kinderdorf (Children’s Villages) has provided children and their families with support as they deal with difficult situations and crises. (G)