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Grapewein Newsletter

The Grapewine, the IWA´s newsletter in English, is sent out to members each month. It contains information about upcoming meetings and activities, membership news, local events and articles for and from the members.

IWA members and representatives of local organizations that support women’s initiatives can contact us to send in a submission and contribute to our newsletter. Deadline: 15th of the previous month (i.e. 15 March for April newsletter).

IWA International Women Association of Graz Newsletter

There won't be something happening without you her us ❤️ them a union  a team our community ❤️

“Each and every woman in the IWA plays a special role in our organization and contributes to its long-term success!”

Would you like to write an article for our monthly Grapewein Newsletter?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us - we would love to chat with you.