Membership in the IWA is open to English-speaking women of any nationality. Our aims are to promote intercultural respect and encourage an atmosphere of friendship and support for women who have recently moved to Graz and the surrounding areas. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting to learn more about the club, meet us and decide if the club is right for them.

(A group of cheerful IWA members on top of Schlossberg in Graz)


Currently, there are 123 members from 38 countries.

The IWA membership fee is 38 € for the first year; yearly renewal dues are 33 €.

All IWA members are encouraged to support our club by volunteering their time, talents and skills to help one another, support IWA events and activities and contribute to fundraising events to support members of our local community.

Please contact our Membership Officer if you have any questions!