Useful Links

Here are some informative Web sites. Most of these sites are in English (E) or have English and German versions (E/G).  Please contact us to suggest other helpful sites or to report a broken link.

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Re-opening steps and measures as of May 19, 2021 (E)

COVID-19 Testing Locations from the City of Graz (G)

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Informative Brochures

Useful Websites with Information about Austria and Graz

  • Republic of Austria
    Official homepage, explanation of the political system. (E/G)
  • Austrian Integration Fund                                                                                            Online information about living in and moving to Austria from the  (E)
  • Just Landed                                                                                                                     A really helpful website packed with information about how to face daily challenges of living in Austria (and many other foreign countries), from making a telephone call to going shopping and much more!
  • Virtual Vienna                                                                                                  Comprehensive site for the English speaking community not just in Vienna, embassies, newspapers, conversion tables, stories, want ads, etc. (E)      
  • BMEIA                                                                                                                       Search for a foreign embassy or consulate located in Austria on this (E)
  • Styria Tourism                                                                                                                  The official tourism site for the Province of Styria: where to go, where to stay and what to do. (E)
  • Welcome to Styria                                                                                                         All about living, working and getting started with life in Styria (E/G)
  • Graz Tourism                                                                                                              Tourist office, not just for tourists, a must for newcomers. (E/G)

Blogs (about Life in Graz) by local English-speaking expats

Austrian News for the German-impaired

  • The Local                                                                                                                      This English-language online newspaper not only has the latest Austrian news but also a comprehensive job search engine for jobs requiring English or another native language!

Service Centers for Internationals / Expatriates

  • Americans Citizens Abroad                                                                                      Serving and defending interests of U.S. individuals living worldwide. (E)
  • American Women’s Association of Vienna                                                    Information about living in Vienna (and Austria). (E)
  • The Association of Americans Resident Overseas                                                    Service for issues of concern to U.S citizens. (E)
  • UK Government                                                                                                    Support for British citizens abroad. (E)
  • Club International                                                                                                   Center of excellence and service for expatriates and their families initiated by the economics department of the city of Graz. You qualify for their services If you or someone in your family is an expatriate employed by one of the member companies listed on the website. (E/G)
  • FAWCO                                                                                                                Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas. (E)
  • Open Door                                                                                                             Network of International Women’s Associations which are non-political, non-religious, non-commercial and where membership is open to all nationalities to offer inter-club contact and communication. (E)
  • Seddwell Center                                                                                                      International Community Hub in Graz (E)

Travel and Transportation                                                                                

  • Styrian Tourism Service                                                                                              Useful information about mobility in Styria (E)

By plane:

  • Vienna International Airport (E)
  • Flughafen Graz                                                                                                   Thalerhof airport near Graz (E/G)

By train and bus:

  • Austrian National Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen)                                Online tickets and train schedule information. (E/G)
  • Verbund Linie                                                                                                 Information about all public transportation networks in Styria, now also in English! (E/G/I)

By bicycle:

  • Radtouren – cycle trails and
  • Eurovelo – distance cycle routes                                                                           Useful guides to bicycling in Austria (E)
  • Bikemap                                                                                                                Bicycling routes in Styria (E)
  • Komoot                                                                                                                Beautiful bicycling routes around Graz (E)

By hiking:

  • Bergfex                                                                                                                        Great hiking tours in and around Graz (G)

Children and Education

  • Family Guide – Services for Families in Austria                                                        Information regarding government benefits and policies for all the development phases of your child. (E)
  • Living in Styria with Children                                                                                           A presentation by Dr. Ewald Filler on important issues to consider when raising children in Styria(last updated: 2014). (E)
  • Zweiundmehr Kinderbüro                                                                                          Your one-stop-shop on Karmeliterplatz in Graz for ALL questions that you may have about having, raising or educating children in Austria. Their website is only in German, but don’t be shy…just go on by! (G)
  • Eltern-Kind-Zentrum (EKIZ)                                                                                            A great place to find information about childbirth and rearing children in Graz, meet with other parents, and participate in informative courses and workshops. (G)
  • ABI-Service Graz  T                                                                                                      The personnel at this office can answer any questions you may have about sending children to school in Graz! Again, the site is only in German, but don’t hesitate to visit! (G)
  • BIPS-Krones                                                                                                           Bilingual International Primary School in Graz (E/G)
  • GIBS                                                                                                                             Graz International Bilingual Secondary School (E/G)
  • Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research                                              Useful information about education in Austria (E)
  • Austrian education system                                                                                        Overview of the structure and content of the Austrian education system (E)
  • Babysits                                                                                                                            A great resource that can be used to find babysitters (also speaking English or another language) in your area. (E)
  • EKIZ List of Babysitters                                                                                                  A list of local, trained babysitters provided by the Eltern-Kind-Zentrum (G)

Continuing Education and Universities


  • Graz National Theater                                                                                           Comedy, drama, romance and more! (G)
  • Graz Opera House                                                                                                  Luxurious red carpets, sparkling crystal chandeliers…prepare for the drama of the opera in Graz! (G)
  • Next Liberty Theater                                                                                                Talented theater productions for children and adolescents. (G)
  • FRida & freD Children’s Museum                                                                              This incredible children’s museum offers fascinating exhibits for both younger and older children. From 4:00 pm every Thursday to Sunday, theater productions for children aged 2 and above are shown. (E/G)
  • Pennyless Players                                                                                                           A non-professional, non-profit student theatre group from Graz that loves to entertain their audiences with plays in the English language.

Searching for work

  • Public Employment Agency in Austria (AMS)
  • iAgora                                                                                                                 Connecting internationals, jobs information and contacts for young internationals. (E)
  • Locanto                                                                                                                             A free site to find and post job applications (G)
  • Berufsanerkennung                                                                                                  Recognition of professional qualification (E/D)


  • LEO                                                                                                                        Translation dictionary, service of Technical University of Munich. (E)
  • Herold                                                                                                                        Online Telephone Book (G)
  • Betreut                                                                                                                       Search for private caretakers for children, the elderly, pets as well as cleaners and tutors (G)
  • Frauenservice                                                                                                                   A  multilingual women’s counseling center in Graz (E/G)
  • GenderWerkstätte                                                                                                           A network of counselors for men and women in Graz (G)
  • Frauengesundheitszentrum (Women’s Health Center)                                              Learn more about women’s health issues and services

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