Mums & Tots

Mums & Tots Playgroup

When: Tuesday, 9 November  2021, 2:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Where: Stretch of Kaiserfeldgasse between Neutorgasse and Nelkengasse

This month, we invite English-speaking moms and grandmothers to join members of the IWA and get together for a fun outdoor play date. The City of Graz closes off a stretch of Kaiserfeldgasse between Neutorgasse and Nelkengasse once a month to make a fun and safe outdoor play zone for small children. We can meet up and chat while the children play!

Partners from the Grazer Spielmobile will be present to help out and there will be a lot of games to try out: Balls, stilts, jumpropes, painting materials and tables, sidewalk chalks, building blocks, mats, rollers, diabolos, board games, scarves, bicycles, slide cars, tricycles, unicycles, hand puppets, costumes and much more.

Full description (in German) HERE.