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IWA Fundraiser 2021

The IWA Raised € 1.500 in funds for DANAIDA in 2021!

Since 2016, Danaida has offered basic educational classes to women (especially German as a second language) to help them improve their reading and digital skills. They also carry out projects to help women increase their sense of confidence and empowerment.

Thank you!

In 2021, the IWA was proud to support DANAIDA's education and bicycle courses.

Many migrant women are dependent on public transport or on family members with cars, which limits their mobility. This project helps women learn how to ride a bicycle, requiring new balance, steering, and pedaling skills that are often difficult for adults to learn.


But once a woman learns how to ride, many new doors of opportunity open up to her! Since cycling can be learned in a relatively short time (unlike a language), this also often gives them a great sense of achievement and can strengthen women’s both their learning abilities and self-esteem.

Areas Of Expertise

DANAIDA has served as a counselling and educational institution for migrant women since 2016.