Through our podcast series, IWA members will share their inspirational stories, interests, tips about various topics. These include but not limited to: glimpse of IWA, moving to and living in Graz, interesting places to visit around Graz etc.. Stay tuned!

» Throw Away Your New Year’s Resolutions!

» Holiday Traditions Around the World

» How to say goodbye to 2021

» The holidays are coming (Part 2)… practical tips

» The holidays are coming (Part 1)… And now what?!

» Laura Dumas Kozub on career challenges, finding work opportunities in unique places, and tips for professional development

» It’s a fresh start…

» Aza Karimova on moving with children, homeschooling and activities for kids in Graz

» Mag. Dr. Verena Radlingmayr on Anxiety, Stress and Agony Aunt Project 

» Sara Crockett on moving to Graz 17 years ago and sharing some things she      learned along the way

» Sarah Hecht about the IWA, and its events, activities and groups 

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