The General Meetings are held monthly during the club year, September through June. The meetings take place at a central location and there is usually a guest speaker presenting a topic of interest. There is also time for socializing, and newcomers to Graz or to the IWA are welcome to join.

November General Meeting: Let’s go to the Opera!


For the November General Meeting, your IWA board has come up with a special treat for our members: We’ll go to the Graz Opera together! The Marriage of Figaro (Italian: Le nozze di Figaro) is a comic opera in four acts that was
composed in 1786 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with an Italian libretto written by Lorenzo Da Ponte. The story focuses on the trials and tribulations of Figaro and Susanna, two passionate young characters who struggle to get married against overwhelming odds, which include the evil plot of their lecherous employer Count Almaviva to seduce Susanna, and teaching him a lesson about fidelity.

Because the opera is known as feminist opera, featuring several strong female figures, critics have maintained that the opera empowers women through the use of “feminine space” on the stage. The IWA invites you to join us on this
evening, which will include: meeting at the Operncafe for a drink or snack, listening to a brief talk from our very own Marjorie Rosenberg on the feminist perspectives of the opera, and the opera itself. If you’ve never been to the Graz
Opera, this is your chance to immerse yourself in a world of sparkling crystal chandeliers, lush red velvet and the magic of the opera!

When: Wednesday, Nov. 29, 5 p.m. and on
Where: We’ll meet at the Operncafe around 5 p.m., then head over to the Opera around 6 p.m. Marjorie will speak to us between 6:15 – 6:45 p.m., and the opera starts at 7 p.m.
Getting tickets and discounts: Our Hospitality Officer Bettina Dornhofer has reserved many seats under her name for this evening (reservations valid until Nov. 15). The IWA has purchased a group of 20 ‘Kultur Schecks’, which will
give you a discount of 9 EUR (prices shown below are the discounted prices) off the normal ticket prices, and which are available to the first 20 members to sign up.

How it works:
1. RSVP to Bettina Dornhofer (T. 0681 81 580 976 OR 0316 68 98 20) if you would like to attend.
2. Pick up your Kultur Scheck worth 9 EUR (purchased by the IWA) from Bettina in person or request to receive it by post.
3. Take your Kultur Scheck to the ticket office (Ticketzentrum, Kaiser-Josef-
Platz 10, 8010 Graz) and ask for one of the seats (see below) reserved under Bettina’s name.

Reserved Seats (prices include the ‘Kultur Scheck’ 9 EUR discount):
Gallerie Mitte 1st row €41,20
Galerie Mitte 3nd, 4th and 5th row €34,80
Galerie Mitte 6th row €26,00
Galerie Rechts 5th row €26,00

4. You may also choose to use your Kultur Scheck to purchase a ticket for a
seat in another category (not reserved by Bettina), depending on availability.
Once the Kultur Schecks run out, we would still welcome you to join us!!! See
this LINK for price and seating options.

RSVP deadline: Nov. 10